Pure Illumination® lip gloss is a great way to enhance the natural lip color you possess as well as add shine to your lips. For example, you could add shimmer, glitter, wet looking and very sexy looking gloss to the lips while still using a natural healing lip moisturizer in a sheer lip gloss.
Besides improving the appearance of your lips, natural lip gloss can also be beneficial for your lips health-wise. For example lanolin is a natural hydrating ingredient that is easily absorbed and penetrates the lips to heal and protect and soothe for hours. Other natural ingredients to look for are Jojoba Oil that soothes, Sweet Almond Oil that softens and moisturizes, and Vitamin E which is an excellent antioxidant. Many also like the fun and fancy bottles that lip gloss comes in such as a light up lip gloss that comes with a mirror and light. This allows you to let your natural beauty shine no matter where you are. If you are looking to try a new product, make Pure Illumination the top choice on your list.